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An online calendar to www.nysata.com has been added to help our clubs get more shooters to attend shoots. Hopefully this will help.
Please reach out to Cathy Flint, NYS ATA Secretary if you have questions or comments.

Thank you
Cathy Flint
NYSATA Secretary
9194 Lake Road
Barker NY 14012

Ladies Rule the Range Registration is Open

Welcome to the 5th Annual Ladies Rule the Range Event.
This year’s shoot is July 29 – starting promptly at 8:00am.
Please note that PRE-registration is a must. We are thrilled at how popular this event has become, but in order to keep it manageable for all, we are limiting the number of entries to 120 women. With that, your registration form and payment must be received no later than July 24 (or July 10 if you are ordering an event shirt).
Payments should be made to:
Pathfinder Fish & Game Club and mailed to
PO Box 194, Fulton, NY 13069

Click the link below to download and print your registration form

Ladies Rule the Range 2017

Junior Archery Instruction Class

Junior Archery Returns to Pathfinder!
Pathfinder Fish & Game will offer Archery Instruction for Youth Ages 5 and Older on Thursday evenings from February 2 to February 23 from 6 – 8 PM.
There is a one-time cost of $10 – all money is spent on the junior archers.
To sign up call: John Pavel at (315) 343-6368 evenings/ weekends.
Class size is limited so sign-up early.

Pending Legislation that Impacts You

Assembly bill A1623 sponsored by Assemblyman William Magee and Senate bill S991 sponsored by Senator Michael Ranzenhofer are currently pending in their respective houses’ Codes Committees.
The NYSCC strongly supports this change.  The proposed bills would set the minimum age at which individuals are permitted to use rifles, shotguns and air guns under supervised conditions at ten.  This would bring New York in line with the rest of the nation and permit New York residents age ten and up to receive training and participate in competitive programs designed for this age group.

  • Good training is the best single measure that can be taken to further firearms safety.  Providing the means and environment for instilling safe handling practices ensures the welfare of everyone.
  • The DEC’s five-year deer management plan recommends that the minimum age for big game hunting with a firearm be lowered to twelve.  Individuals who are going to be legally hunting should be given training and encouraged to develop the firearms handling skills required for safe hunting before they go afield.
  • This change would also allow individuals to participate in national competitive shooting programs developed for this age group.  Participation in both local and national sports shooting programs builds character and preserves our heritage.  These activities are sponsored not only by shooting sports organizations but by the Boy Scouts, 4H and the American Legion.

This change would bring New York in line with the rest of the nation.  All other states allow supervised shooting for individuals 10 or younger.  The early training of our youth in the safe and responsible handling of firearms and their participation in sports shooting programs is the foundation of firearms safety.
Please support this legislation by contacting your New York State legislators and urging them to press for passage.

Assembly bill A1631 sponsored by Assemblyman Steven Englebright and companion Senate bill S4718 sponsored by Senator Kenneth Lavalle are currently pending in their  respective houses’ Tourism, Parks, Arts & Sports Development (A1631) and Environmental Conservation (S4718) committees.
The NYSCC strongly opposes this legislation.  The stated purpose of the proposal is to protect sensitive state forest preserve lands from damage from illegal ATV operation.  This is a red herring; the underlying objective is clearly to prohibit all ATV operation by the public, regardless of purpose or impact.

This has less to do with the well-being of the forest preserves and more to do with the objection of a self-selected consortium to an activity of which they personally do not approve.

  • Soundly managed ATV access allows members of the public to enjoy legitimate entree to the forest preserve which would otherwise be inaccessible to them.  Appropriate operating practices do not pose any ecological threat to the future of the preserve.
  • The well-being of the preserve can be effectively protected via the regulatory process.  The development process for Unit Management Plans provides ample opportunity for both the public and the state’s professional staff to participate in the planning process.
  • If law enforcement does not have adequate fiscal or statutory resources to deal with illegal ATV operations, that is the problem that should be addressed.  The approach offered by this legislation is akin to dealing with a rise in highway traffic violations by shutting down the Thruway!

Please express your opposition to this legislation by contacting your New York State legislators and urging them to work for its defeat.

If you don’t know your legislator, now is a good time to get to know him or her.  If you don’t know their name or address, go to http://assembly.state.ny.us or www.nysenate.gov

More information can be found in the Council’s Memorandum in Opposition located on our website www.nyscc.com

Call, write, email or stop in today.  The most effective voice with any legislator is that of a voting constituent – particularly one with friends that vote!  And don’t forget to tell those friends!

New Memberships

To join the club as a new member you need to have the membership form filled out, all moneys paid prior to the Range Safety Course. If you plan on joining during the day of the course come one hour earlier (11AM) to complete the application.


Pathfinder members who are renewing their membership for 2015 need to have their 2014 membership card with them when they come to the club to renew. This is the best way to verify your a member in good standing without having to check the computer data base. Your old card will be your temporary card until the new one comes in the mail.You will need your drivers license also to be put on the membership form.

Pathfinder is encouraging all renewing members to walk through the new safety course with the Range Safety Instructors to be up to date with all the safety rules at the club. These dates are posted on the website calendar.

Up coming changes that are being considered.

With the recent problems with members not seeing safety signs and not being educated on all the safety needed while shooting at the club, there may be a new range safety course offered for new members. It will be given on certain days of each month from Jan. to end of August. This course is hands on at each shooting range and should take around an hour to complete. After that you will receive a membership card with all privileges. Also an initiation fee of $20 on top of the membership fee that will be $40 starting Jan. 1st 2015. This covers the training cost for the officers doing the membership training. New membership application only available at the clubhouse. For renewing the safety course will be available as a written doc. that you will read and sign. Members need to know the rules on each range regardless of use and the fact that they are also liable for their actions along with their guest actions. A limit of two guest per member at one time is also being considered. These items will be discussed at the membership meetings.