Membership Info

Membership Guide

Membership applications can be pickup at the club house filled out and paid or brought to the Safety.

Orientation Classes
Classes are held once a month January thru October.

Membership runs from January 1st thru December 31st
Regular 18+ $60.00$40.00
Sporting Clays*$60.00$40.00
Senior   65+ $60.00$20.00
Junior 12-17 $10.00$10.00
Joint( Domestic Partners/Spouses) $120.00$65.00
Lifetime Under 50$550.00
Lifetime 50+$375.00

*Sporting Clay members do not have Rifle, Pistol or Archery Ranges privileges until they have taken the Pathfinder Orientation Safety Course.

Ranges Fees are not included in Dues.

Range Fees Daily
Rifle / Pistol___ $2.00    Junior & Senior 1.00
Archery______ $2.00     Junior & Senior 1.00

Range Fees Yearly
Rifle / Pistol___ $20.00    Junior & Senior $10.00
Archery______ $20.00     Junior & Senior $10.00


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