Pathfinder Archery


Indoor Range, 10-33 yards
Outdoor Range (seasonal), 20-60 yards
Outdoor 3-D Course (seasonal), 15 target.

Outdoor 3-D Archery Course

The Outdoor 3-D Archery Range is still up and available for shooting.  There are 20 targets in 16 lanes for you shooting practice.  Score cards and yellow envelopes for recording your shooting are available in the “Archery” mailbox on the outer wall of the Club.  You must use the yellow envelope to record your shooting and to pay the fee.  There is no “annual” fee for 3-D shooting due to the cost of the 3-D targets; you pay each time you shoot.  When done, deposit your completed yellow envelope, with payment, in the drop slot below the mailboxes.  The fee for shooting is reasonable and is listed on the envelope.  The yellow envelopes are also used to record your shooting on the outdoor range (20-60 yards) when the Club House is closed.

Remember to bring bug spray because the woods are full of ticks (and other critters)!

The plan is to take the outdoor 3-D course down on Saturday, September 21st at 9 AM (before the archery hunting season begins).  Reserve the date; Please plan to help us take the course down.

Any questions, please email John Pavel at


Indoor, January-March
Indoor 3-D, August and September
Outdoor 3-D, May and June
Youth instruction, circa February.

League dates will be posted at least 30 days in advance.


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