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Indoor range. Outdoor Range. 3-D range (when available).


5-Stand. Skeet. Trap.


Rifle range (200 yard w/ covered bays). Pistol Range. Cowboy Action. USPSA. IDPA. Special Event Area.

. The combination changed in January. You must come to the Club House during operational hours with your membership card to get it.
. You must carry your membership card with you while on the range and show it, if asked.
. You must not give the combination out to anyone else. They need to go to the Club with their membership card to get it.
. Close and lock the gate behind you, every time you enter and exit, so that anyone entering will need to know the proper combination.
. You must fill our an RO sheet, which is located in the box near the gate, when you arrive.
. Turn it in at the Club House (drop box on the side of the Club house), along with any money owed, when you finish shooting.
. No alcoholic beverages allowed on the range.
. No glass, cans, or plastic containers allowed for targets.
. Pick Up Your Spent Shells! Disposal bins and clean up gear on site.
. Be Safe! Ensure yourself & other shooters have eye & ear protection on before you fire.


Youth Events. Jr. Rifle. Jr. Trap. Distribution – E News.

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