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Well my hat is off to those who did the newsletter in past years. It had to take a lot of time, volunteer time to put together and get out the door. I was also told it cost the club about 1200$ every time it was sent out.

Times have certainly changed. These days we have more mobile data users, the membership / renewal form is only available at the club, etc. The club still needed a way to get information out to the membership. My first plan used a distribution list & Outlook. Yeah, well I wrote a custom menu & script but Outlook proved to be a pain to maintain. Then one fine day as I was looking at info off a mailing list it occurred to me I could implement the same type of program through the site hosting.

The name Distribution sort of stuck and the mailing list or e-news, offers the club several advantages. It can broadcast current¬†club news.¬†It is set up to get the membership news about events, general information, maybe just a good read. If someone charring or running an event at the club needs let people know about something, a rescheduled event or time for example. A message is typically information in brief; with links to the site for further details. The membership might receive a message once or twice a month but it’s not limited to that. Meaning; there could be something about your particular area of interest or need for volunteer help. The club certainly does not want to spam the membership. I just think it is important for the club to be able to communicate with the membership effectively without an extra cost.

I would also like to note concerning the website and distribution; as long as the club leaves me in charge I pledge not to use advertisements. The way I see it we all have paid a little bit for this through the membership. So it stays clean. Thanks.

John J.


E-news is designed to be a private mailing list for Pathfinder Club membership. Each message has links at the bottom for preferences such as html, text & selected lists. Subscribed members have the option to forward a message to someone not on the list. Unsubscribed members can resubscribe. It is also formatted to print onto regular paper if you wish.

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