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Renewing Members
Applications are only available At the Clubhouse. Mail-In Renewals will be Returned to Sender. If you have extenuating circumstances that prevent you for from appearing in person, please email the secretary a detailed explanation to present to the board. We will contact you with a determination.

Please bring last year’s membership card with you. This helps us complete the membership application form. The person at the club who accepts your application will not have access to the membership database to verify your eligibility for renewal. Only members in good standing are eligible for renewal. See note under Regular Member renewal below.

All Members are required to appear in person to renew their memberships. All persons are required to provide photo ID, sign the membership agreement on their application and receive a copy of the current Membership Guide. Joint and Senior membership discounts are a privilege given to members in good standing.

Range Safety Orientation Course
All New Members are Required to take the Range Safety Orientation Course, but all renewing members are strongly Encouraged to attend. The course is given by the Range Safety Committee Instructors who are knowledgeable in latest safety rules for the club.
Please ask for a copy of the Pathfinder Membership Guide if you are not given one when you submit your application.

Membership Dues and Eligibility
Dues are Subject to Change without Notice.  Updates will be listed here.
New Adult Members (age 18 and up)—$40 Dues + $20.00 Safety
Orientation Fee and Safety Course
Regular Member-in-good-standing Renewal—$40.00
Note: If your membership lapses one full year or more, you revert to being a NEW MEMBER.
Senior Membership Renewal—$20.00
Note: You must be a member for 1 Year before you are eligible for the discounted dues rate. Furthermore, you MUST ATTAIN the eligible age before the discounted rate applies.
Joint Membership Renewal—$65.00
Note: Joint members must reside in the same household. Both persons must be members for 1 Year before they are eligible for the discounted dues rate.
Junior Membership and Renewal (age 12-17)—$10.00
Note: Juniors are encouraged but are not required to attend New Member Safety Orientation. Juniors must always be accompanied by an Adult RO-Member on the Rifle and Pistol Ranges. When a Junior Member ATTAINS the age of 18 they may then JOIN as a New Adult Member and enjoy full membership benefits.
Lifetime Memberships (Does not include range fees, see below)
Under Age 50 — $550.00
Age 50 and Over — $375.00
Note: You MUST ATTAIN the age of eligibility before the discounted dues rate applies. A personalized brick will be added to the club’s memorial for each Lifetime Member Upon their passing.

**Range Fees Are Not Included with Membership**
Regardless of how you choose to pay your Range Fees – you are Required to submit a Completed Range Form Envelope at Every Visit

Range Form Envelopes are provided at every outdoor range!
Rifle/Pistol, or Archery—Regular or Lifetime $20 ea. Yearly or $2 Daily Rifle/Pistol, or Archery—Sr./Sr. Lifetime or Jr. $10 ea. Yearly or $1 Daily Standard Guest* Fees $5 (does not apply to 3D Archery)

3-D Archery Fees are Separate. No Discounts Apply.
Fees are designated on Range Form Envelopes.
*ONLY 2 Guests Per Member, Per Visit to Any Range/Area of the Club.


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