Pathfinder Archers:   The 2015 indoor Winter Archery Leagues will be forming soon.  There will be a Tuesday night, a Wednesday night and (new for 2015!) a Friday night league:

• Tuesday:  4 person teams, handicap scoring, starts January 6, 2015 and continues for as total of 12 weeks.  Cost is $10/night for Club members and $11/night for non-members.  Contact Dave Wolfersberger at 529-2148 or

• Wednesday:  2 person teams, handicap scoring, starts January 7, 2015 and continues for a total of 12 weeks.  Cost is $7/night for Club members, $8/night for non-members.  Contact John Pavel at 343-6368 (evenings/weekends) or • Friday:  individual competition, 450 Vegas style scoring, starts January 9, 2015 and continues for 12 weeks.  Cost is $10/night for Club members and $11/night for non-members.  Contact Gary Faucett at 704-564-1418 or ((that is g(underscore)faucett)) Funds collected are used to pay a shooting fee to the Club for targets and use of the facility, and to pay for awards, banquets and prizes.

7 PM is the start time for all of the Leagues.

Priority will be given to Club members who shot the leagues in 2014, then Club members who sign up early, then open to non-members.  Contact the above individuals to sign up or for questions.  They will need your name, phone number, email address and Club member status.

On Saturday, December 13, 2014 @ 9 AM Pathfinder Club archers will be performing maintenance on the indoor target butts.  Please come and help us, meet your fellow archers and support your Club!

Junior archery instruction is back at Pathfinder Fish & Game Club, 116 Crescent Drive, Fulton, NY.  Instruction begins on Thursday, January 8, 2015 from 6 – 8 PM and continues for 8 weeks.  Ages 5 and up; ages 5 – 9 require an adult to be present at all times.  There is a small fee ($10) per junior archer to cover an end-of-class party and souvenir.

Pre-registration is required.  Call John Pavel at (315) 343-6368 evenings or weekends.  Class size is limited.

Junior archers must attend the first class, January 8th, as archery safety will be the focus of this class.

Archery equipment will be provided by the Pathfinder F&G Club.  If you have archery equipment, bring it to the class and the instructor will determine its appropriateness for this instruction.

A few pics from the Spring 3-D





Pathfinder Archery facilities include:

  • 30 yard indoor range attached to the clubhouse
  • access to the clubhouse, restrooms, kitchen & bar
  • outdoor range with various yardage & target boards
  • outdoor practice stand available
  • 3-D course when available
  • target only, no broadhead use
  • sign in sheet for archery range use

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  1. John Jedik

    Looking for a cheap broadhead target? How about a free one?
    Take a drive down to Tractor Supply or almost any place that sells utility trailers. Ask if they have the foam blocks trailers are shipped in on. They are about 12″ x 18″ and you simply stack them 3 x 3 and use a ratchet strap to keep them together. Both C/T’s I’ve been to have been more then happy to get rid of them.

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