Property Hunting Rules

Pathfinder Fish and Game Club Property Hunting Rules

Hunting on Pathfinder property is a privilage and not part of your membership dues.

Eligibility Requirments:
Shall be a member in good standing for five (5) consecutive years effective January 1, 2013.
Shall accumilate twenty (20) hours of documented volunteer work directly for the club.
Any member wishing to hunt club property for the 2013 – 2014 season shall register at the club no later than April 30, 2013.
Hunting passes shall be issued upon completion of elegibility requirments.

Accumulating Work Hours:
Attendance at monthly meeting. One (1) credit hour.
Work at special events. Hours to be determined bt chairperson of that event.
Spring clean up. Hours to be determined by chairperson.
Work on gun or archery ranges. Hours documented by range managers.
General daily maintenance, building and grounds. Hours to be documented by a member of the breakfast club.

Current officers or board of directors
Life members
Past officers

Hunting Rules:
All hunters shall sign in at the club house on th day they are hunting.
All current NYS and Federal laws will be strictly enforced.
No hunting on Newel Stauring’s five (5) acres. This includes walking through this area.
Blaze orange shall be worn durring gun season. Exceptions are turket, waterfoul and predator hunting. Bowhunters wishing to hunt during the firearms season shall wear blaze orange to and from their stands.
No more than two (2) ladder or hang on stands per hunter. No permanent stands or screw in steps shall be used.
All stands shall be removed at the conclusion of deer season.
All hunters shall be familiar with club property, including all boundaries and safe zones. No hunting on adjacent properties unless you have been given permission to do so.
All hunters shall have their membership card and hunting pass on them while hunting. Hunters shall produce such cards upon request.

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