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Rifle Range Notes:


7/17/14 Rifle Range

This summer the new tractor had a throttle problem that made the mowing on the rifle range difficult. We apologize for the tall grass and not keeping up with the target boards. The tractor is repaired thanks to Greg Hackett and the range looks better. If you do come to the rifle range and see the trash cans full, don’t be afraid to load them on your truck and run them over to the dumpster at the club and empty them. Remember to fill out your range sheets and turn them in when done regaurdless if you have to pay or you are yearly. The more the members that use the facility help the better the club looks to all of us.

7/17/14 Pistol Bay

The new pistol bay is complete and the signs will be up soon. The roof is designed to stop bullets from going over the berm not to stand under to stay dry. Shooting is from back of the bench area with the roof in front of you. Please pickup your brass and dispose of it proper. Help keep this area clean. Remember always point you pistol down range in a safe direction and show clear for others on the range when going down to the targets. Any suggestions you have please write them on the back of the range envelopes. I am always looking for ideas to make improvements.



Current Pathfinder members access the Range through the Cresent Road Gate. Do not use the maintenance trail.
. Hours are 8am to sunset every day, unless otherwise noted.
. The combination changed in January. You must come to the Club House during operational hours with your membership card to get it.
. You must carry your membership card with you while on the range and show it, if asked.
. You must not give the combination out to anyone else. They need to go to the Club with their membership card to get it.
. Close and lock the gate behind you, every time you enter and exit, so that anyone entering will need to know the proper combination.
. You must fill our an RO sheet, which is located in the box near the gate, when you arrive.
. Turn it in at the Club House (drop box on the side of the Club house), along with any money owed, when you finish shooting.
. No alcoholic beverages allowed on the range.
. No glass, cans, or plastic containers allowed for targets.
. Pick Up Your Spent Shells! Disposal bins and clean up gear on site.
. Be Safe! Ensure yourself & other shooters have eye & ear protection on before you fire.

Rifle Range:
200 Yards – 20 Covered Bays
Target Boards/Posts The targets have changed so there is now a 25 yard on the right side of the bays then a 33 yard, 50 yard, 100 yard and 200 yard from right to left. Please do not shoot at the target board frames.


Cost for membership access is:
20$ per year, or
2$ per day.
Guests allowed with R.O. qualified member, 5$ each per day.

Cowboy Action – Outdoor
Contact: Mark Schmidt
Events are scheduled to start on Saturday, April 3rd., and will be held on the first Sunday of each following month, through November. The daily fee will be $10 for members, $15 for non-members, or $45 for the entire series. There will be a Level 2 RO class May 15th. from 1-5pm. Contact Mark for more information. To participate, you will need boots, blue jeans, a long sleeve shirt, cowboy hat, and an authentic gun of that era. This is an exciting event that is fun to both watch and participate in. For more information, contact Mark Schmidt at: 315-591-8627

USPSA – Outdoor
Contact: Toney Blaney / Ted Firnstein
Our Matches for April thru October will be held on the 3rd. Sunday of each month. Shooting times are 10am and 1pm. Match fees are $12 for Pathfinder F&G members and slightly more for non-members. A safety course is required for first time shooters and held at 9am. Contact Tony Blaney @ 652-8860 prior to match day to arrainge for the class if you are a first-time particiant.
You’ll need a centerfire handgun in 9mm or larger caliber, holster and magazine pouches, at least 100 rounds of ammo, and a minimum of 4 magazines to compete.
We had two major events this year hosted at Pathfinder; the Area 7 Championship in August and the Glock Shooting Sports match in July. Both were a big success. The Area 7 received a big write-up in both Syracuse and Fulton newspapers. Good positive press for our club and the good things we do in the community.
For up-to-date Pistol information, ( Pathfinder Practical Shooters ) visit

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