3-D Archery League


Pathfinder 3-D Archers,

The Pathfinder Spring Outdoor 3-D Archery League will be held on seven Thursdays, starting on May 2nd with shooting continuing through June 13, 2019, starting at 6 PM.  On Thursday June 20th we will have our dinner party and congratulate the high scorer!  Please let me know if you will be shooting by emailing me at jpavel@twcny.rr.com.  The cost is $7/night, for a total of $49.  Of that $7, $5/night goes to the Club for shooting the 3-D targets and $2/night is for the party at the end.


We will be setting the 3-D course up per this schedule:

·          Tuesday, April 16th at 6 PM we will meet at the Storage Barn (in the Special Event Area at the north end of the Club) to take the targets down from the loft, load them on the trailer and transport them to the start of the course.  The Storage Barn will be very busy on Saturday April 20th with the IPSC shooters and we will be in each other’s way, that is why we are taking the targets out of storage on Tuesday.  We will probably run out of daylight on Tuesday to set the targets on the course.

·         Saturday, April 20th at 9 AM we will meet at the Club House, proceed to the course and start setting the targets in their shooting lanes.

·         Saturday, April 27th at 9 AM is the alternate day for setting up the course if it is still too muddy or wet on April 20th.

The date for taking the course down (reserve the date!) is Saturday, September 21st at 9 AM.

We will make some changes to placement of the targets on the course:

·         Target # 1 will be the big, white mountain goat

·         Targets # 2 – 5 will be small targets, such as rabbits, turkeys, raccoons, and we will also place a large target further down the shooting lane.

·         Targets # 6 & 7 will be the Rhinehart medium sized-deer and walking bear.

·         Target # 8 will still be the turkey

·         Target # 9 will be the deer from the former Target # 1, and we need to cut a new uphill shooting lane before we get to the pond.

·         Target # 10 will still be the elk across the pond.

·         Target # 11 will be a raccoon

·         Target # 12 will be the white wolf

·         Target # 13 will be a medium-sized deer

·         Target # 14 will be the Rhinehart brown cougar

·         Target # 15 will be the standing black bear

Come out and shoot and help us set the course up!