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Pathfinder Pistol and Rifle Range

To all members and guest using the ranges.

The club has had a misfortune on our pistol bay. Someone managed to let a bullet fly over the berm and hill to impact a house on Muller Rd. This only happens when you are not in control of your gun. Do not start in the raised position then drop down on your target with your finger on the trigger. We are looking at ways to be able to prevent this but still need our members to be safe. Remember, safety glasses, hearing protection, aiming point and turning in your envelope when finished at the range.

International Defensive Pistol Association

Pathfinder Fish & Game club will become an IDPA-affiliated club holding monthly matches governed by the rules and sanctioned by the idpa. The idpa is a shooting sport that simulates self-defense scenarios and real life encounters. It was founded in 1996 and is currently the fastest growing shooting sport and has more than 20,000 members.
We would expect participation to rise quickly as word gets out. The next closest club hosting idpa matches is in Cortland. They typically attract anywhere from 30-45 shooters. We will draw many of their competitors as well as new local interest. Idpa is a shooting sport geared for those new to competitive shooting sports. It requires little initial investment. It stresses safe gun handling and improved shooting skills.
The board approved the Pathfinder Fish & Game idpa concept 8.12.13 and the membership approved the motion 8.14.13.

When: 2nd Sunday of the month, April through November. (2014)
Where: Pathfinder Fish and Game Special Event Area (pistol bays)
Cost: 10$ for club members, 13$ for non-members.
Contact: Robert Russell, Pathfinder idpa club coordinator

Ladies Learn to Shoot

July 20th. 9am-3pm
Pathfinderfishandgame Club – Crescent Lane, Fulton NY 13069
Ladies, come on out to learn how to handle and shoot the many different types of items listed. If you have never shot we can teach you no matter your size, age, or strength. If you have shot some, we may be able to help you tweek some of your skills.
Demonstrations by;
CNY Cowboys Shooting
Pathfinders own pistol, shotgun and rifle shooters.
$20.00 cover charge (lunch and shooting supplies)
Gander Mountain will be here with gunfitters and instructors to assist you ladies also!
To register please call Lou Ann Daniels 315.343.4734 or 315.409.6566 please register by July 15th.
So come on out and have some fun, learn a new sport, some survival techniques and who knows you might end up teaching your husband, boyfriend something new!

NICS check delayed or denied?

I found some information from the FBI National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) Information web-site that might be usefull if you need to try and resolve a problem.

You will need to contact your FFL dealer. Have them give you the NTN # from the application given to them by NICS. Find the NICS Gun Buyer Resolution Guide, and you can find out why, and how to resolve the issue by filing a NICS Voluntary Appeal.

Most reasons that cause a failure of the NICS will also prohibit a person from getting an expungement. For example offenses of violence, drugs, or repeated offenses will block an expungement and fail the NICS. So it is doubtful that the person in question had an expungement. However, if a person does actually win an appeal of the NICS process, then he will still be challenged every time he tries to buy a gun or undergoes a criminal background check. So the FBI established a voluntary database.

A final rule was published by the Department of Justice in The Federal Register, outlining the following changes. Per Title 28, Code of Federal Regulations, Part 25.9(b)(1),(2), and (3), the FBI NICS Section must destroy all identifying information on allowed transactions prior to the start of the next FBI NICS operational day. If a potential purchaser is delayed or denied a firearm and successfully appeals the decision, the FBI NICS Section cannot retain a record of the overturned appeal. If the record is not able to be updated, the purchaser continues to be denied or delayed, and if that individual appeals the decision, the documentation must be resubmitted on every subsequent purchase.

For this reason, the Voluntary Appeal File (VAF) has been established. This process permits applicants to request that the FBI NICS maintain information about themselves in the VAF to prevent future denials or extended delays of a firearm transfer.


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