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Pathfinder Annual Sale

Saturday February 23rd. 9 until 3:00   Admission $1.00
Hunting – Fishing – Tools – Guns — Camping
FFL on site
No Admission, Browsing or Sales until 9AM

Vendor Doors open at 7AM
Tables Available  $10.00 Call John Butler @ 315-289-8733
Kitchen opens at 7:00 am

Rifle and Pistol Range Alert

Pathfinder Fish & Game Rifle and Pistol range envelope forms.

You are required to complete and turn in the range envelope forms, whether you pay fees daily or yearly.  The envelope form is to be started before you begin to shoot. Pathfinder needs the envelope forms to stay in compliance with the NYS DEC.

 If you do not complete the envelope forms, you could be responsible for the closure of the rifle and pistol range.

 Failure to turn in the completed envelope form will result in the termination of your Pathfinder membership.

Paul Clarke – President Pathfinder Fish & Game