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Tompkins County Deer Management Focus Area

NY Dec source
DEC has established a Deer Management Focus Area in central Tompkins County to intensify use of hunting to assist communities in the Ithaca area with the burden of overabundant deer populations. The focus area program (PDF brochure, 1.1 MB) is established to reduce total deer populations within the focus area by providing more time and more tags to hunters who can gain access to huntable land. DEC plans to evaluate this new approach over the next several years and, depending on the results, will consider designation of other locations as deer management focus areas.
Tompkins county dmfa pdf map

Pathfinder Pistol and Rifle Range

To all members and guest using the ranges.

The club has had a misfortune on our pistol bay. Someone managed to let a bullet fly over the berm and hill to impact a house on Muller Rd. This only happens when you are not in control of your gun. Do not start in the raised position then drop down on your target with your finger on the trigger. We are looking at ways to be able to prevent this but still need our members to be safe. Remember, safety glasses, hearing protection, aiming point and turning in your envelope when finished at the range.

DEC Changes Canada Goose Hunting Seasons

New York State Department of Environmental Conservation
Commissioner Joe Martens
For Release: IMMEDIATE Monday, August 26, 2013 (518) 402-8000
DEC Announces Changes to September Canada Goose Hunting Seasons
Special Measures Adopted to Address Overabundant Goose Populations Statewide
New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) Commissioner Joe Martens today announced several significant changes to September Canada goose hunting seasons throughout the state. The season dates are similar to past years, but higher bag limits and other special measures will be allowed this year because local-nesting (a.k.a. “resident”) Canada goose populations remain too high in many areas. The updated regulations are now posted on the DEC website at

8.14.13 notes

There will be a 10-Gun volunteer meeting Sunday 8.18 10am. Those looking to help out please attend. Cheryl has asked is a few more people could help out – please contact if you can –
5-Stand – Open Shoot 1st. Monday after labor day until Oct 21st.
A Youth Pheasant hunt will be set up sometime at the end of Sept. – more info as it becomes available.
The Ladies learn to shoot event was a success with 48 participants – am told someone took some pics if a few could be forwarded to the club they can get posted.
Hunters Ed will get a new LCD Screen for classes held at Pathfinder.
Dec 7th Saturday at Pathfinder Club – Band – Party
Pathfinder Fish and Game Club will become IDPA affiliated – matches starting in April 2014 – see post on International Defensive Pistol Association for more details.
Jr.Trap has been updated.

International Defensive Pistol Association

Pathfinder Fish & Game club will become an IDPA-affiliated club holding monthly matches governed by the rules and sanctioned by the idpa. The idpa is a shooting sport that simulates self-defense scenarios and real life encounters. It was founded in 1996 and is currently the fastest growing shooting sport and has more than 20,000 members.
We would expect participation to rise quickly as word gets out. The next closest club hosting idpa matches is in Cortland. They typically attract anywhere from 30-45 shooters. We will draw many of their competitors as well as new local interest. Idpa is a shooting sport geared for those new to competitive shooting sports. It requires little initial investment. It stresses safe gun handling and improved shooting skills.
The board approved the Pathfinder Fish & Game idpa concept 8.12.13 and the membership approved the motion 8.14.13.

When: 2nd Sunday of the month, April through November. (2014)
Where: Pathfinder Fish and Game Special Event Area (pistol bays)
Cost: 10$ for club members, 13$ for non-members.
Contact: Robert Russell, Pathfinder idpa club coordinator

Ladies Learn to Shoot

July 20th. 9am-3pm
Pathfinderfishandgame Club – Crescent Lane, Fulton NY 13069
Ladies, come on out to learn how to handle and shoot the many different types of items listed. If you have never shot we can teach you no matter your size, age, or strength. If you have shot some, we may be able to help you tweek some of your skills.
Demonstrations by;
CNY Cowboys Shooting
Pathfinders own pistol, shotgun and rifle shooters.
$20.00 cover charge (lunch and shooting supplies)
Gander Mountain will be here with gunfitters and instructors to assist you ladies also!
To register please call Lou Ann Daniels 315.343.4734 or 315.409.6566 please register by July 15th.
So come on out and have some fun, learn a new sport, some survival techniques and who knows you might end up teaching your husband, boyfriend something new!

Cuomo’s budget proposal would lower hunting and fishing license fees

full story ( source)
The proposal would:
1). Reduce by 11 the number of licenses available while maintaining all current hunting and fishing privileges and opportunities
2). Reduce the price of a hunting license by 24 percent from $29 to $22
3). Reduce the price of a fishing license by nearly 14 percent from $29 to $25
4). Make fishing licenses valid for one year from the date of purchase
5). Create a non-resident license structure which is the same as the resident license structure
6). Fold trapping privileges into the hunting license for no additional fee for certified trappers
7). Maintain Junior Trapper and Trapper Mentor opportunities
8). Reduce fees for non-resident hunting and fishing licenses to attract more out-of-state participants
9). Retain discounted licenses for youth, seniors, military disabled and Native Americans.

(Current, followed by proposed)
Annual Fishing License ($29 to $25)
Annual Hunting License($29 to $22)
Annual Bow Hunting Privilege ($21 to $20)
Annual Muzzleloading ($21 to $11)
Out-of-State Residents
Annual Fishing License ($70 to $50)
Annual Hunting License ($140 to $100)
Annual Bow Hunting Privilege ($140 to $40)
Annual Muzzleloading ($140 to $30)
One-day Turkey ($50 to $20)
One-day Fishing ($15 to $10)