Registered Trap Shoot June 12th

Pathfinder will host a registered trap shoot on June 12th.

Volunteers are needed to Score and Load Houses.
12 People are Needed to make a great event!
Free Breakfast and Lunch is available to Volunteers.
Contact Todd Lund to volunteer your help – Thank You!
343.3496 or 529.2207


Members needed to come to the club Saturday 4/23 at 8 am to help cleanup the grounds and complete a few projects on the ranges from snow removal damage (bring-rakes, shovels, gloves, work boots or rubber boots), trap houses project (bring gloves, boots, to help install drain lines to eliminate water getting in houses). Rifle, pistol range cleanup redo targets on rifle range & pistol bay , remove rocks from bank in pistol bay, general cleanup, (bring- gloves, rakes, shovels, cordless screwguns). Clubhouse, cleanup floors, bathrooms, archery room, pavilion area, bring out picnic tables and trap benches & scorer seats. Kitchen cleaning. Lunch provided usually we finish around 2 pm.

Winter Leagues for Skeet and Trap

The Winter Leagues for Skeet and Trap began on January 3rd. The 12 week / 50 bird format for Skeet will be mostly the same as the 2015 league, however Trap has reduced to a 12 week / 25 bird format. Only eight scores are needed to qualify for the shoot offs, so there is still plenty of time to join the fun. Further details can be obtained at the club, or by contacting me at

The kitchen will be open for breakfast, and as always, new shooters are welcome.

Scores for the Skeet League are updated weekly and can be viewed by clicking on the home page Clays / Skeet tab.

Glock Certificate Raffle tickets now available at the club

We are raffling off a certificate for any one standard Glock Pistol from the Glock Store. You do not need a pistol permit to purchase the certificate. You will need a New York Pistol permit to send in the certificate with your FFL dealers information. The pistol will be sent to the FFL dealer for you to finish the paperwork to have it put on your permit. There are only 200 tickets being sold for this certificate. Drawing is at the club house May 14th during the 10 gun raffle. Tickets are $10.00 each, no limit on how many you may purchase.


Update on taking new member applicants. As the club has promoted safe firearm handling and shooting with the new member safety course given each month, the year is quickly coming to an end. We have two safety courses left for 2015 The 15th of August and Sept.12th. The reason for not having any courses after Sept. is your membership ends December 31st of each year. If you have intentions on joining Pathfinder this year for the upcoming hunting season these are the only dates left. In 2016 one course per month will be given starting in January to September. The dates will be posted on the website calendar. Added note: The Sept date has been changed to the 12th because of Labor Day weekend. Sorry for the mistake.