Pathfinder Leads CNY Trap League

July 10      Tuesday CNY Trap League.

Pathfinder beat Toad Harbor 200—198 which gives Pathfinder First Place with a 5-point lead.

Tim Nottell           100 straight

Sawyer Dann         75 straight

Doug Carroll           50 straight

James Davies          25

Tom  Davis              25

Steve Mac Ewen    25

John Fish                 25

Dennis Chillson      25

The new gate is up at the rifle range entrance

Very soon (1-2 weeks) the new range entrance should be operational with the same combination padlock system. The entrance from the Crescent Rd gate will be eliminated.

You will come into the main drive entrance to the clubhouse and turn left into the new gate. The gate will slide very easy so please do not let go of the gate when sliding either direction. The combination will be the same until Jan 1, 2018 when it normally changes.

Winter Archery Leagues

Pathfinder’s 2018 Winter Archery Leagues

Pathfinder’s popular indoor Winter Archery Leagues for 2018 will be forming soon. The Leagues start in early January and run for 12 weeks. To participate please contact the individuals listed below.
Tuesday Night League:
• 4 person teams
• Contact Dave Wolfersberger, 315-529-2148 or
Wednesday Night League:
• 2 person teams
• Contact John Pavel, 315-343-6368 (evenings/weekends) or
Friday Night League:
• Individual competition
• Contact Derek St. Phillips, 315-480-4897 (evenings/ weekends)