Pathfinder members who are renewing their membership for 2015 need to have their 2014 membership card with them when they come to the club to renew. This is the best way to verify your a member in good standing without having to check the computer data base. Your old card will be your temporary card until the new one comes in the mail.You will need your drivers license also to be put on the membership form.

Pathfinder is encouraging all renewing members to walk through the new safety course with the Range Safety Instructors to be up to date with all the safety rules at the club. These dates are posted on the website calendar.

Junior Archery at Pathfinder F&G Club

Junior archery instruction is back at Pathfinder Fish & Game Club, 116 Crescent Drive,Fulton,NY.  Instruction begins on Thursday, January 8, 2015 from 6 – 8 PM and continues for 8 weeks.  Ages 5 and up; ages 5 – 9 require an adult to be present at all times.  There is a small fee ($10) per junior archer to cover an end-of-class party and souvenir.

Pre-registration is required.  Call John Pavel at (315) 343-6368 evenings or weekends.  Class size is limited.

Junior archers must attend the first class, January 8th, as archery safety will be the focus of this class.

Archery equipment will be provided by the Pathfinder F&G Club.  If you have archery equipment, bring it to the class and the instructor will determine its appropriateness for this instruction.

Archery State & National Membership

If any Club member is interested in joining NYFAB (New York Field Archers & Bowhunters and NFAA (National Field Archery Association) please contact me and I will direct you in the process. Pathfinder is presently a chartered Club in these organizations and has been for approx. 12 years. Membership entitles a person eligibility to compete in the NY indoor and outdoor tournaments and the National and Sectional indoor and outdoor tournaments. The NFAA also publishes a quarterly magazine with upcoming events, tournament results and some good articles on target archery. Dues for membership are $35.00 (NFAA) and $25.00 (NFAB) for Club members. In order to maintain our charter we must have at least 5 head of household members in the organizations. I can be reached at 315 9344421 or 315 2471799. My email is

2015 Winter Skeet League

Welcome back to most of you – and a special invitation and welcome to new shooters! Come and enjoy Sunday breakfast with a side of clays starting January 4th and continuing each week for 13 weeks. The 13th week – March 29th – is the shoot-off and steak bake.

This year’s league will feature a new format available to all who post 12 scores. Instead of receiving hats, those shooting the maximum 12 will be entered into a blind draw two shooter team format that will include extra prize money for the top scoring team at the shoot-off. More details will be available later this season.

Also this year, only your 8 best scores will be used to determine your class for the shoot-off, allowing most of us a few mulligans. Remember, you must post 8 scores to participate in the shoot-off for individual competition and 12 for the two shooter team competition. As in the past, shooters will be able to make up for missed weeks in order to get the minimum scores.

See ya at the club!

Winter trap and Skeet leagues

Winter trap and Skeet leagues will start January 4th and run for 12 weeks with a shoot of and steak bake at the end of the league.

Shooting starts at 9:00 am goes to about 4:00 pm.  Breakfast and lunch is usually served. Shooters can shoot ahead and also can make up shoots. Each round is 50 targets. No sign up fees. Do not have to be a member to shoot in the winter leagues. Need to be at least 12 years old.

Trap contact Todd Lund

Skeet contact  Dallas Sumner

Up coming changes that are being considered.

With the recent problems with members not seeing safety signs and not being educated on all the safety needed while shooting at the club, there may be a new range safety course offered for new members. It will be given on certain days of each month from Jan. to end of August. This course is hands on at each shooting range and should take around an hour to complete. After that you will receive a membership card with all privileges. Also an initiation fee of $20 on top of the membership fee that will be $40 starting Jan. 1st 2015. This covers the training cost for the officers doing the membership training. New membership application only available at the clubhouse. For renewing the safety course will be available as a written doc. that you will read and sign. Members need to know the rules on each range regardless of use and the fact that they are also liable for their actions along with their guest actions. A limit of two guest per member at one time is also being considered. These items will be discussed at the membership meetings.

UPDATE ON RANGES Rifle Range will be open this weekend

The membership pistol bay will be closed until further notice. This does not mean you may shoot pistols on the rifle range. The rifle range is for rifle, shotgun, muzzleloader and long range pistol ONLY.

The Special Event area will have the IDPA, Cowboy action and USPSA matches as usual for the remainder of the year.

Law enforcement training has been suspended for the remaining of 2014


NOTICE: The rifle range and pistol bay are closed

Due to the membership not abiding by the clubs safety rules the ranges will be closed until further notice. Yes it is unfair to punish the majority for a few. The board of directors will be meeting Thursday 10/15 to review the range officer training for members and design a system to stop members from abusing the safety rules for both the rifle range and the pistol bay.