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Volunteers Needed

We are still in need of responsible individuals that would be willing to open the club. Please contact Cheryl Henderson at 963-0893 if you are willing to be trained to open and man the clubhouse for a shift or two. Please remember this is a member owned club and if everyone did a little no one person would have to do a lot. There have been several complaints that the club house was not open during it posted hours, please bear in mind if no one volunteers then the clubhouse will remain closed. Members this is YOUR club too and we all need to do our part. I am also looking for volunteers for the May 10 Gun Raffle.

Summer is here!

Pathfinder Fish and Game club offers pistol range, rifle range, outdoor archery target range from 20 yards to 60 yards and 3D archery for members. The trap and skeet fields are open on Monday nights and if we have a qualified volunteer member sign up the Saturday and Sundays are open also. Call first to make sure we are open on the weekend. 593-7281

Update on the membership pistol bay

The ditch cleaning has started on both sides of the special event entrance. Once the ditch is cleaned out and all the drain pipes are found the limestone filter bed will be installed on each side of the entrance. We have cut down many trees to open up the area to sun. These trees are being set aside for anyone that is willing to come out and chain saw them up for the clubs heat next year. Feel free to bring your saw and cut the limbs off of the trees so they can be moved out of the way. Once the ditch is complete the ground area of the pistol bay will start to be scraped down and rebuilt.

Pistol Bay Construction

To any one using the pistol bay in the membership side and using the special event area.

            Starting May 26th the entrance to the special event area with be under construction to cleanout and reshape the existing ditch that runs between the membership pistol bay and the first spare pistol bay in the special event area all the way past the barn and will exit out to Crescent Rd where the culvert pipe is located. The tires around the ditch will be removed and replaced with concrete blocks. Please be patient with the equipment and trucks. We will try to stay out of the special events way but some traffic will occur by the gates. The rifle range will be closed when the berm is to be reshaped for probably two days. Not sure what days yet.  



Norman Nelson

TEN GUN RAFFLE COMING SOON!! Volunteers Needed!!

The 10 gun raffle is May 17th and we also have a Registered Skeet shoot that day,So we are asking that all hands are on deck!! We are in need of volunteers!! This is YOUR club TOO! Please call 315-963-0893 to sign up to help for the upcoming HUGE events! The 10 gun raffle is our biggest fundraiser and we can use the help! If we all do a little then no one person has to do a lot!

Spring 3-D Archery League

Hooray, Hooray for the First of May……

……..because the 3-D Archery League starts that day!

Come join the Pathfinder F&G Club Spring 2014 3-D Outdoor Archery League:

  • Starts Thursday, May 1, runs for 8 weeks (May 1-June 19th), 5-6 PM start times.
  • Cost is $10/person/week (total cost of $ 80). Cost includes shooting, league memento (such as a clothing item), and the end of league party.
  • Handicap league, individual competition.
  • Must be a club member to shoot in the league.

To sign up:

  • Email or call John Pavel at jpavel@twcny.rr.com, 315-343-6368 (evenings/weekends).
  • OR, sign up at the Club/ in the Archery range room/ on the sheet on the cork board.

Wed Archery League

Our Wed Archery League concluded with a banquet at the Club on April 5th. Results of our 12 week competition as follows:
1st Mike Collins & Jim Green, 2nd Jon Jaquin & Mike Parish, 3rd John Pavel & Gary Faucett. High average went to Jim Burdic with an average of 299.3, most improved shooter was Cathy Cardinali. We had 2 new members of our 300 Club Tom Hains and Gary Faucett. Contact John Pavel with any concerns over the League for next year.