Up coming changes that are being considered.

With the recent problems with members not seeing safety signs and not being educated on all the safety needed while shooting at the club, there may be a new range safety course offered for new members. It will be given on certain days of each month from Jan. to end of August. This course is hands on at each shooting range and should take around an hour to complete. After that you will receive a membership card with all privileges. Also an initiation fee of $20 on top of the membership fee that will be $40 starting Jan. 1st 2015. This covers the training cost for the officers doing the membership training. New membership application only available at the clubhouse. For renewing the safety course will be available as a written doc. that you will read and sign. Members need to know the rules on each range regardless of use and the fact that they are also liable for their actions along with their guest actions. A limit of two guest per member at one time is also being considered. These items will be discussed at the membership meetings.

UPDATE ON RANGES Rifle Range will be open this weekend

The membership pistol bay will be closed until further notice. This does not mean you may shoot pistols on the rifle range. The rifle range is for rifle, shotgun, muzzleloader and long range pistol ONLY.

The Special Event area will have the IDPA, Cowboy action and USPSA matches as usual for the remainder of the year.

Law enforcement training has been suspended for the remaining of 2014


NOTICE: The rifle range and pistol bay are closed

Due to the membership not abiding by the clubs safety rules the ranges will be closed until further notice. Yes it is unfair to punish the majority for a few. The board of directors will be meeting Thursday 10/15 to review the range officer training for members and design a system to stop members from abusing the safety rules for both the rifle range and the pistol bay.

C N Y Pheasants Forever will be hosting a Ladies Hunt on October 12th

Central New York Pheasants Forever (PF) will be hosting a Ladies Hunt on October 12th at Echoewood Dog Training Center in Mexico, NY.

  • Participating hunters will need to have a valid hunting license and supply their own shotgun.
  • PF will supply guides, dogs, and shotgun shells for 12 and 20 gauges.
  • An informational meeting will take place at 9:00 a.m. – before the hunt to outline how to safely hunt pheasants over dogs.
  • Lunch will be provided after the hunt.
  • Hunters under the age of 18 will need to be accompanied by a parent.

For more information and to reserve a spot (reservations are necessary to participate) please contact Deedee Thousand by email at ddthousa@syr.edu. Book early space is limited!

Pathfinder’s Indoor 3-D Archery Tune-Up League

Starts Wednesday, August 6th, and continues for all of the Wednesdays in August and September 2014.

The first night (Aug 6th) is a prep and set-up night. Free shoot following set-up.
League shooting on the next 6 Wednesdays (Aug 13-Sept. 24) at 7 PM. Shoot 60 arrows/night at large, small and paper targets.
Cost is $48/members (i.e. $8 night for 6 nights); $60 for non-members (i.e. $10/night for 6 nights).
Sept. 24th is target disassembly, storage and the End of League banquet, party and awards.
Individual competition; award(s) to be presented to highest scorer(s).
To sign up, call John Pavel at 343-6368 (evenings or weekends), or email at jpavel@twcny.rr.com. I need your name, membership number, phone number and email address.